GIG REVIEWS (in detail)

"Excellent evening, the band and caller playing well to their audience."

Upton Folk Festival, reviewed in Folkwrite 

"Festive barn dance in a packed Town Hall. We danced and danced and danced as the band and caller amply filled the brief, "Keep a packed hall full of non-dancers and a sizeable minority of dancers happy". The notorious acoustics in the hall were mastered by the sound engineers. The dances, Mike's usual fare of English country with a few others. In view of the mixed crowd, Mike struck the right balance. Early on, the band played with a much lighter note than they did about a year ago. It fitted the mood and provided excellent danceable sets. As the evening progressed, the band gradually branched out, demonstrating their musical ability and mastery of a variety of woodwinds and saxes. The crowd danced on and on and on. A true celebration."

Cheltenham Town Hall, reviewed in Folkwrite 

"Captain Swing, with Mike Griffiths calling, provided a great end to the Corn Hall, Cirencester series. I have not appreciated the fare served up by Captain Swing on the last couple of times I have danced to them. They and their caller Mike Griffiths are immaculately professional and I appreciate creative people wanting to develop and experiment. The tunes and sets well fitted the dances and mood of the hall. Congratulations to Mike Vaughan for this winter series at Cirencester which has proved to be one of top class quality."

Corn Hall Cirencester, reviewed in Folkwrite 

"A jolly good time for the festival crowd. Captain Swing fulfilled all promises to be ace."

Upton Folk Festival 1998, reviewed in Folkwrite 

"The last summer, Postlip Hall Ceilidh was held in conjunction with Woodcraft Folk. Captain Swing played and Mike Griffiths called to a large crowd – about 30-40% children – who thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The dance crowd by and large realised that this was not a 'dancers only' do. The band has increased its repertoire and change instruments frequently, often during sets."

Postlip Hall Tythe Barn, reviewed in Folkwrite

"… very danceable and the music is like syncopated ice cream with extra chocolate flakes. Yummy."

Trotter Hall Dances, reviewed in Somers' What's On

"The music was well phrased, using interesting tunes well arranged and very danceable; the dances were also just right for the proficiency of the audience with that subtle blend of old ones, new ones, loved ones, neglected ones that make a good programme. Well recommended for dancers of all standards."

Trotter Hall, Droitwich, reviewed in Folkwrite Extra

"The band are very boppy. Various theories on the best band member were expounded. Andy on melodeon (etc) was my choice. His syncopation is reminiscent of the Oyster Band. All dances were called through which I insist on for a good review, because dancers all know different versions. The dance repertoire was balanced."

Trotter Hall Trotter Hall, Droitwich, reviewed in Folkwrite 

“A packed hall of students, locals & regulars. The mix produced an enjoyable evening with no caveats mentioned by the dance purists. Captain Swing's tempo suits a mixed crowded dance floor."

Corn Hall Ceilidh, Cirencester, reviewed in Folkwrite 

"Captain Swing kept the crowd dancing … innovative."

Postlip Hall Tythe Barn, Winchcombe, reviewed in Folkwrite

"… a PTA do at Dursley … a good mixture of dances in their unique jazzy style."

Dursley, reviewed in Folkwrite 

"This time there was a goodly crowd who enjoyed themselves to the sound of Captain Swing – a band who drove the dances along. The tunes were very danceable & appropriate. Mike's dance selection was good – I didn't know any of the dances (and I know a few). The complexity level was well matched to the congregation.”

Unicorn Ceilidh, Salwarpe, reviewed in Folkwrite